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20 Years of Quality Foal

We love what we do!  We enjoy showing our own horses and bringing home the ribbons but even more so we enjoy watching the babies we have carefully bred and raised go on to good homes and go on to the winners circle.  Thank you to all who have purchased from K&R Stuart in the past - we look forward to more in the future!


The  Superhorse Organization promotes and enhances versatility and quality of todays young horses.
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The Sask. 50/50 futurity has been held since 1995
to showcase well bred horses.
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Started in 2008.  Foals sold through the sale compete for
prize money.
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This Futurity offers several classes in which you can promote your horse. 
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 Futurity is no longer operating but you can see what our horses did when it was.
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2020 Manitoba 50/50 Sale
This year's MB 50/50 sale is to be held with Jack Auction Group.
Sale Day: Saturday, October 24th Sale Time: 7:00 p.m. MB TIME / 6:00 p.m. SK/AB TIME
Each consignment has a short video

   Invest In An Invite


   Lot 007

   Sold for $6100
   Sire: Echo Will Be Famous
   Dam: Be The Invited Asset

   Sweet And Radical


   Lot 015

   Sold for $5300
   Sire: Radical Roses
   Dam:Sweet Cruisin Fame

   Hes Radical Again


   Lot 021

   Sold for $2500.
   Sire: Radical Roses
   Dam: Tu Fashion An Amos

    Will Be Talkin Too


   Lot 027

   Sold for $6300
   Sire: Echo Will Be Famous
   Dam: Sweet Talkin Fashion



K & R Stuart  Top Ten Manitoba 50/50 Finishers

For 2019

2019 MB 5050 - 3rd place $3,654. - Dale Barkman & “Sweet Cruisin Rad”
Sired by “Radical Roses” & dam is “Sweet Cruisin Fame”.

2019 MB 5050 - 5th place $2,349. - Kayla Caul & “Echo The Potential”
Sired By “Echo Will Be Famous” & dam is “Potentialy Sweet

2019 MB 5050 - 8th place $1,044. - Ken Grainger & “Myte Nice Invite”
Sired by “Simply An Invitation” & dam is “Lucys Miss Hollywood”

2019 MB 5050 - 10th place $522 and Hi-pt halter horse - Theresa Barylski & “Only Shy Rad”
Sired By “Radical Roses” & dam is “Will Invite Fame”.

Below are our MB 50/50 top-ten placers since 1999.
We have had 7 winners, 5 second place finishers,
1 fourth, 1 fifth, 1 sixth, 2 seventh and 2 eight place finishes.
Their accumulated money totals $107,730. and with their breeders money coming to $17,197,
making their overall MB 50/50 total $124,927.
Plus they have won numerous awards - trailers, buckles, blankets, saddles, etc.

 We would like to thank all the very accomplished riders for taking our horses to this level of achievement.


Our Stallions

“This well bred stallion has sired a lot of our 50/50 winning foals.”
Click here to see his current foals.
Simply An Invitation
“One of the very few stallions we have bred and raised. 
He has an amazing disposition that he passes on to his foals.”  
Click HERE to see his foals.
Echo Will Be Famous
“This young stallion is showing a lot of potential."  
Look for his foals in 2020.
Heza Talker 
“Appropriately named this stallion gives our program some color while continuing to produce good temperaments and great conformation."   
Click HERE to see his foals.
Flashy Texan
“We're quite happy with our new perlino boy. 
He's a gentleman with his mares and easy and personable to handle. 
His babies are gorgeous, with lots of balance and very sane.” 
Click HERE to see his foals.
“We bought him at the World AQHA Show Sale.
His babies are very pretty, balanced and sane - we show/sale prep 60 foals each year and his foals are very easy to work with in every aspect." 
Click HERE to see his foals.
    Radical Roses